I’m a CA-bred, Boston-based designer.
Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, I got my start at a skateboarding company in 2000. I was cutting rubies and digitizing pen & ink artwork for our in-house illustrators’ board graphics when they asked me to design and produce my own t-shirts, boards, catalogs and magazine ads for their 12 famous brands. Seven years later I swapped action sports for tech, and won some awards working for small studios and marketing departments on everything from campaigns and digital media, to events and full-scale branding.
Since moving to the east coast in winter 2012 (brr!) I've led 3 teams of designers — client- and agency-side — across online media, advertising, finance and consumer apps. Today I co-lead brand and creative at Circle with a team of 8 across London and NYC. My recent work/life has been with startups during extreme growth, where decisions move quickly and creatives take ownership. Along the way, I’ve worked with UX architects, artists, copywriters, motion designers and developers to build experiences that don't just check a box, but make a lasting impact for the company. 
I live just north of the city with my husband and furbabies, Luda and Eazy. 
Kicking off my cross-country move from SF. Clarion Alley, 2012.