Animations advertising the bank’s Cash Rewards credit card generic messaging. Separate ads are also viewed in between transactional screens, as the user is choosing to withdraw cash or deposit checks at the ATM.
For the “Attract” space on over 65,000 Bank of America ATMs across the country, this unit was built to drive awareness around the partnership between Bank of America and (RED). Through mobile-activated donations, everyone is able to help (RED) get closer to the finish line in the fight against AIDS.
Ads were targeted to the environments in which they'd be seen. Hyper-local ad placements included sports stadiums, cities, airports, near gas stations and grocery stores, and on college campuses.
Hyper-locally targeted ads for the Detroit area, this animation leverages museum creative in print and environmental campaigns, advertising the bank's Museums on Us program for the Diego & Frida exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts.
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