In Spring 2021, a design system began to take shape after 8 months of launching pages fast and progressively iterating. Animated flow diagrams, product screen abstractions, sliding carousels, dynamic widgets, atomically-designed modular components and AAA-compliant buttons, and a new set of product iconography were brought to circle.com.
Rebuilt from the ground up from March to June 2020, the Circle website introduced the new identity system launched in May 2020. The new homepage drives visitors to learn more about going global by opening a Circle Business Account, and developers can learn more about Circle APIs or get an API key to start building in the sandbox environment immediately. Lastly, we highlight Circle's stablecoin, USDC, with a new page designed around immense growth and progress over the year.
In the developers section, we introduce Circle APIs and visitors can drill down into branded detail pages for Payments, Wallets, and Marketplaces that include benefits & features, use cases, and a link to API documentation.
Use cases were bucketed into four key areas and new illustrations were created to visualize the spirit of complex concepts, suggesting the underlying structures and benefits of Circle's mission to empower businesses with programmable internet commerce. The style seeks to evoke 4 key ideas:

Inflection Point. Stablecoins are having their moment at last. Things aren’t going back. We’re future first.
Programmable Money. Dollars, but more powerful. New capabilities unlock new possibilities.
Duality. The past isn’t bad or wrong. Circle’s technology is complementary to traditional finance, not a replacement of it. We are a bridge between worlds.
Empowerment. Circle enables you to cross that bridge and take part in the future.
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